25 Jan

How much do google ads cost?

Google Ads (which you may know as it’s earlier name, Google AdWords) is an online platform by Google where advertisers can create ads, product listings, service offerings, or videos by bidding. It allows businesses to position their search results on or on adverts on other sites. Basically, Google Ads are incredibly important.

So, how much do Google Ads cost?

This is a frequently asked question, particularly from those who are new to PPC (pay per click). And it’s a reasonable one! For businesses just starting out, they want to understand how much they should budget for this resource.

The answer to this question is, however, less straightforward. That’s because the cost of Google Ads depends on things such as the industry, current trends, customers, bids, keywords, and targeted settings, for example. To explain the cost, you need to understand how Google Ads work.

How do Google Ads work?

Essential, Google Ads is an auction. When someone types a word or phrase into the search bar, Google will assess whether or not that word or phrase contains keywords that are being bidded on by advertisers. If advertisers are bidding on these keywords, then it becomes an ad auction. This means Google will determine where your ad ranks. This ranking is determined by your quality score and your maximum, Google will then calculate how much you will pay each time someone clicks on one of your ads.

So, when it comes to the cost of Google Ads, it does vary. However, Google Ads is still a fantastic marketing tool.